Cleaner Energy

We're pledging to increase the use of renewables, like solar and wind, to meet our community's energy needs. We plan to supply 30% of retail electric sales with renewable energy by 2030, and 25% by 2025. The 25% by 2025 goal is consistent with the renewable energy goals of communities we serve, including Madison, Middleton, Monona, Fitchburg and Dane County.

Through energy efficiency, conservation and cleaner energy sources, we all can work together to reduce carbon emissions 40% by 2030 from what they were in 2005. Work with MGE to support renewable energy and to learn how to use energy efficiently in your home or business for a more sustainable future for our community.

Proposed Wind Farm Moves Forward Energy 2030 Framework

MGE has announced plans to build a new wind farm about 200 miles west of Madison near Saratoga, Iowa, an area known for its wind. The 66-megawatt wind farm, which would be MGE's largest to date, would serve about 47,000 homes with clean energy.

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Middleton Welcomes Shared Solar

On Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017, the city and MGE hosted a reception for MGE customers who participate in the Shared Solar program to celebrate the solar array becoming operational. The array generates enough electricity to power more than 100 average homes.

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Shared Solar Pioneers

MGE recently caught up with a few early subscribers to Shared Solar to hear why they wanted to be "pioneers" in this new project.

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Shared Solar Construction to Start

Construction of a large solar array will begin soon on the roof of the City of Middleton's Municipal Operations Center. The "MOC," as it's called, will be host to MGE's Shared Solar project, a pilot program in which the City and MGE have partnered to offer locally generated solar energy to MGE residential customers. More than 300 customers have signed up to take part in the first of its kind community solar project for Wisconsin.

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Powered by Green Energy

MGE's Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) program gives customers an easy way to purchase the energy they use at their home or business from renewable sources.

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Sharing in Our Energy Future

As your community energy company, we share the values, priorities and goals of our customers to create a brighter future for this place we all share—this community we call home.

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