We want to give you, our customers, more control around how you use energy. We want to help you take advantage of evolving technologies, such as "smart" appliances, electric vehicles and battery storage, as they become available. Renewable energy options like our Green Power Tomorrow and Shared Solar programs can help shape the type of energy you use.

Easier access to helpful, more personalized information and resources can help you manage when and how you use electricity. We want to work with you, our customers, to develop the products and services that meet your needs and help us reach our shared energy goals.

A Quicker Way to Charge EVs

Charge@Home is MGE's innovative new program for electric vehicle (EV) owners to quickly charge their car's battery at home.

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EV Discount Offer Extended

The appeal of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to spread. Now, an incentive offer from Nissan is giving another reason to drive electric.

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Renters Finding EV Options

With sales of electric vehicles (EVs) continuing to grow, managers and developers of multifamily properties are being asked by potential tenants, "Where can I charge?"

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EV Offer Drives Interest

Madison-based Acumium, a web development and digital marketing company, likes to say it has a "knack for tech and an affinity for fun." One could say the motto extends to their choice in vehicles!

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Solar Lighting Proposal

Overhead lighting serves to enhance safety in outdoor areas such as parking lots or other large expanses. MGE is proposing a new, green option for our customers who need to add overhead lighting but want to proceed with the environment in mind.

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EV Partnerships Benefit Customers

Advances in technology keep changing how we all live and work. Whether it's making our lives more convenient, our friends and family more accessible, our homes more energy efficient or automated, or our vehicles more environmentally friendly.

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