Our Energy Use

Using energy efficiently and conserving energy rank as some of the most critical actions we all can take to reduce our environmental footprint and save money. If we control and reduce our energy use—individually and collectively—we will help to reduce costs for all of us in the long run. And, importantly, we can help to ensure that everyone can afford the energy that powers our communities. Working together, we can be responsible about our energy use, our community and our environment.

Warm Up to Winter Savings

energy2030together.com has summarized some of the most common ways we all can reduce our energy use during the deep freeze that's sure to come. If we all reduce our usage, we not only save money individually, but together, we make an impact!

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Building Small, Thinking Big

Madison College has big plans for its tiny houses project. Students in the college's Construction and Remodeling Program are building tiny houses for a micro-lodge development at the Garver Feed Mill site on Madison's east side.

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Ways to Sparkle—and Save

From sparkling lights to tinsel and colorful ornaments, the holiday spirit is upon us. It often includes decorating our homes inside and out with bright, colorful lights. LED lights are an energy-efficient and safer choice for holiday lighting.

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Energy Savings for Seniors

Meals on Wheels, Focus on Energy and MGE team up to bring LED bulbs to homebound seniors.

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Serving Up Energy Efficiency

Earlier this year, Capital Brewery joined MGE's On Demand Savings program. This pilot program encourages businesses to better manage their energy use—especially in summer months when electric use peaks across the region. Customers learn to identify strategies to control their on-peak energy demand and reduce costs.

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Smart Ways to Reduce Our Use

New technologies not only look more sophisticated, they also offer innovative ways to make it easier to save energy, money and reduce emissions.

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