Our Energy Use

Using energy efficiently and conserving energy rank as some of the most critical actions we all can take to reduce our environmental footprint and save money. If we control and reduce our energy use—individually and collectively—we will help to reduce costs for all of us in the long run. And, importantly, we can help to ensure that everyone can afford the energy that powers our communities. Working together, we can be responsible about our energy use, our community and our environment.

La Movida Talks Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient saves money and contributes to a healthier environment. Both are shared goals for customers and for MGE. "Viviendo Con Energía" is one way in which MGE can connect with customers to help them learn how to save energy and money, and reduce their environmental impact.

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If We All Saved Some Energy...

When we talk about the "value of saving," we're talking about more than money in your pocket. We're talking about simple measures all of us can take that also help to reduce emissions like carbon dioxide.

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Kits to Boost Energy Efficiency

In case you missed it, MGE residential customers can request a FREE energy conservation kit from Focus on Energy! The kit helps residential customers save energy, which means you could save money too.

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Online Tool to View Your Energy Use

Knowing your energy usage history could help you better manage your future use to save energy and money.

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Learn About Energy 2030 at the Zoo

MGE is partnering again with Henry Vilas Zoo to share information about how we can all work together around energy to reduce our environmental impact. Stop by Henry Vilas Zoo on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, to learn how you can be more energy wise!

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MGE Día de Fútbol

Local all-stars and a soccer star from Mexico turned out this October for an inaugural event at Breese Stevens Field—MGE Día de Fútbol. MGE teamed up with the Mallards organization to support the Sunday event for local families.

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