Working Together

We need the help of all our customers to meet our shared energy goals under Energy 2030. Our work will require many different partnerships and collaborations as we explore together new ways in which we can create an energy future that meets our collective needs. We value the diversity of all of the perspectives in our community, and we will work to meet all of you, our customers, "where you are" as we move toward Energy 2030 together. Take a glimpse at The Power of Partnerships to see some of the ways in which we partner.

Sharing in Our Energy Future

As your community energy company, we share the values, priorities and goals of our customers to create a brighter future for this place we all share—this community we call home.

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EV Partnerships Benefit Customers

Advances in technology keep changing how we all live and work. Whether it's making our lives more convenient, our friends and family more accessible, our homes more energy efficient or automated, or our vehicles more environmentally friendly.

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La Movida Talks Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient saves money and contributes to a healthier environment. Both are shared goals for customers and for MGE. "Viviendo Con Energía" is one way in which MGE can connect with customers to help them learn how to save energy and money, and reduce their environmental impact.

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